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Friday, September 16, 2011

Since turning 40, I....

  1.  Read 26 books
  2. Stopped paying for a home TV subscription.
  3. Started a real exercise routine I can do for the rest of my life.
  4. Lost 10 lbs and 2 sizes (see #3).
  5. Started a blog.
  6. Went to Paris with my friends.
  7. Took three vacations with my family.
  8. Found an interesting new job within my company, and got a raise for taking it.
  9. Made tshirts for my mom's birthday: 'Happy 29th Grandma."
  10. Made tshirts for my husband for Fathers Day, with the name of his band.
  11. Hemmed a dress.
  12. Hosted three parties
  13. Realized that I needed more time with my friends, and have taken steps to get that time.  It makes me a better person, and a happier 41-year old.
Happy Birthday to me!

 What amazing feats have you accomplished in the last year?  Challenges you've overcome?  

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