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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dinner Man!

Twins can be tricky.  They are all the fun of siblings, complicated by the fact that they are the same age, often the same size, might share the same friends, etc.  Then again, they could be easier than siblings... how would I know?  I've only done this once.

Mr. Unwired and I often talk about the ying and yang of twins.  When one eats a lot, the other one skips dinner. When one has a good day at school, we find that the other one spent time with the principal.  Stuff like that.

We found that to be the case at camp recently- one was a happy camper (!) while the other... well, not so much.  In reviewing the evidence from the administrators of the camp (as usual, the guilty party could not remember any of his transgressions), Mr. Unwired and I decided that the issue was a lack of empowerment.  Both kids needed more responsibility, not less.  And the kids needed a little space from each other so that they could act on that responsibility without friction. 

So we instituted the "Dinner Man" plan!  The boys trade off cooking dinner with me, while the other spends time with their father (playing, doing chores around the house, running errands, etc).  Yesterday, the Dinner Man helped me make Tubular Tortillas (featured here).  He'd helped with them before, but I gave him extra responsibility.  He also set the table, poured drinks for everyone and then led the rest of the family (eyes covered!)  to reveal the table. 

It was a huge hit- Mr. Unwired and I were truly impressed with all he could do, he was proud of himself, and we had a lovely meal.  Tonight, I cooked with the other child, and he did virtually everything for the main course except take the pan in and out of the oven!  It freed me to make the side dishes and relax; and like the previous night, Dinner Man got a much needed shot of self-confidence. 

We frequently don't know what our kids are capable of- its too hard to change our habits to incorporate the kids, too messy, or we're too tired to try, (fill in your excuse here _____________).  This exercise, and my reason for documenting it here, is to serve as a reminder that less isn't more.... More Is More, and letting our kids try new things is good for everyone.

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