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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Red Curry Chicken

This one comes from a Real Simple article (Oct 2011)... a dinner table makeover, so to speak.  These families found it impossible to cook healthy meals because of their schedule, skills, or something else.  Cooking for the family has never been my problem, but I go through streaks where I can't seem to find a new recipe that the whole family likes. 

That said, this recipe appealed to me, and it was very easy to put together.  But I was certain the kids wouldn't eat it...  unfamiliar seasonings, too much sauce, etc.  So I made it on a night where I had left-over mac and cheese (homemade, compliments of a yummy recipe from Six O'Clock Scramble).  The plan was for the kids to try the chicken, and when they didn't like it, they could eat the mac and cheese.

Didn't work out that way.... kids loved this dish!  Both opted for it to be served beside the rice with no cooked red peppers; one asked for just chicken, no sauce.  But they scarfed every bite they were served.  One had seconds of chicken and then ate a serving of mac and cheese for dessert!  You may find me snacking later tonight, since the kids at my portion at dinner :-)

The red chili paste is reduced from the original recipe, and I swapped out red peppers for green ones.

Red Curry Chicken
1 lb boneless chicken breast, sliced into strips
1 tsp oil
1 red bell pepper, thinly sliced into strips
1/4 cup chicken broth (substitute water if needed)
1/4 tsp salt (if using water or unsalted broth)
1 Tbsp Thai red curry paste
1  can (15 oz) lite coconut milk
rice, lime wedges for serving

1. In a non-stick skillet, warm oil over medium high heat.  Add chicken and cook until golden on each side.

2. Add pepper and chicken broth/water and salt; cook 2 minutes or until peppers are tender.

3. Reduce heat to a simmer and add coconut milk and chili paste.  Stir, and allow to rest at least five minutes, or longer if dinner is delayed.

4. Serve over rice with lime wedges.

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