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Friday, June 20, 2014

Spy Gear

Last week, I scored an invitation to a Spy Gear event for me and the kids at the International Spy Museum in Washington DC.  The invitation came from my friend Elaine (blogger and parent extraordinaire!) who was unable to attend.  She knows my kids well, and was certain that this event would be right up their alley.... boy was it!

The event was sponsored by Spy Gear, a kids toy maker.   With the kids wrapping up third grade, I don't find myself buying a lot of toys anymore-- mostly the kids want books, apps or games/accessories for the Wii.   I was curious as to what Spy Gear offered and what the kids would think.  And the Spy Museum is always a hit!

The event was fun- upon arrival, we were each given a pair of Night Goggles.  These glasses have battery powered lights, which helped when we snuck back into the house after the event, hoping the scare the cat or Mr. Unwired.  I can confirm that a child wearing these while climbing into your bed  in  the morning will certainly cause you to wake up... and fast!  The kids had a chance to check out the table of Spy Gear stuff, while I chatted with a spy (actor) or two.  After a presentation by EvanTubeHD, dinner and instructions, we were off on a scavenger hunt through the museum. 

After the scavenger hunt, we came back into the event space and collected our swag.  From the presentations earlier, the kids were very interested in the door alarm and Video Glasses. I was pleased that instead, of those toys, they received a pair of Walkie-Talkies, which they tested all over the house and through the neighborhood the next day.  I can confirm that they reach 1/4 miles- we look forward to testing them further soon. The packaging says 2 miles!

Each kid also received a Spy Recording Pen.  One of my boys immediately started recording everything said in or around him.  The other had trouble with the buttons, so we'll keep working on that.  I was impressed with the heft and build of the Spy Gear toys; they are not flimsy!  With that in mind, I expect that the toys will last through multiple adventures!
Kids wearing Spy Gear Night Goggles, en route to the moon in their cardboard spaceship.

Disclaimer: I attended an event hosted by Spy Gear at the International Spy Museum. My children received Spy Gear toys during the event. I was not asked to write about either the event or the toys. All opinions are my own.

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