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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pizza on the Grill

Mr. Unwired made dinner tonight, and of course, fire was involved. How stereotypical can you get?!  We've made this many times over the years, but I was inspired anew by this post on Dinner: A Love Story.  We buy pizza dough from our local Italian grocer; Trader Joes makes a decent dough, but this one is far and away the winner in taste and texture. Try your local pizza/deli and see if they will sell you the raw dough... doesn't hurt to ask!

Mr. Unwired followed the same basic process as on the DALS post- roll out dough, oil the top then invert onto a baking sheet (we used one without a rim- you could use the back of one if yours all have rims). Slide dough from baking sheet onto hot grill, and cook with the lid open for a few minutes, until the crust is crisp. Mr. Unwired reported that the he knew the first side was done when it smelled like baking bread (smart guy). When checked, the dough was crisp and not sticking to the grill. He removed it from the grill, oiled the uncooked side, then flipped it so that the cooked side was facing up. Toppings went right on top of the grill marks- sauce, cheese, yellow peppers, mushrooms, cooked sausage and pepperocini. The pizza was slid back onto the grill and cooked with the lid closed to melts the cheese. You'll need direct heat for only a few minutes here, so take care to not burn the bottom while the cheese gets melty.  A gas grill makes this simple as burners can be turned on and off.  If you use another kind of fire, please share in the comments how you did it.
Grilled pizza, fully loaded!

The results were delicious.  I like that the kitchen stayed cool since the oven wasn't on 475° for an extended period of time, as it is when we make it inside.  A side benefit of this method-- its faster than making it in the oven.  I also think the dough brushed with olive oil would make a delicious side dish, bruschetta style.  Yum.

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