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Sunday, November 27, 2011


Ah, Thanksgiving.  We've celebrated our thankfullness with an orgy of dinners and brunches and lunches with friends.  Here are the highlights, and two new recipes.
The actual Thursday Thanksgiving feast was celebrated with a new and hopefully enduring tradition. My favorite friend and her lovely family had to reschedule their traditional feast to accommodate a family scheduling snafu, so we hosted them for the traditional Thursday event.  So they didn't have the burden of eating turkey two nights in a row, we had steak.

Four pounds of it.

Lots of jealous people in my check-out line at Whole Foods.

To serve with it, I was thinking of my family tradition growing up, where the kids picked the meal.  There were usually no vegetables served at our Thanksgiving table, but for an Unwired Family twist, I took farm fresh, organic green beans and covered them in .... bacon sauce.

Bacon Vinagrette to be exact. It was awesome. Here's the recipe.  Green Beans with Bacon Vinagrette

I made one change... with a pound of green beans I used only 3 slices bacon.  There were plenty of crunchy bits, and no any extra fat to pour off. That always gets messy, and with the amount of wine the grown-ups were consuming, it might have been dangerous.   

Oh, and instead of pie, we had ice cream sundaes for dessert. I am hoping to continue this tradition into the future!  And did I mention there were no leftovers of any kind? 

Lest you fear we did not kill a turkey this year... well, we did. The kids love turkey, and its an impressive sight for so little work. Of course, I forgot to take a photo of my 15lb beast, but trust me, it was lovely. And delicious!  I use this recipe, skipping the brining step. In Alton Brown's opinion it would be better when the turkey is brined, but I haven't crossed that bridge yet. Start the recipe right after the brining and enjoy the results.  Our 15lb turkey took 30 minutes at 500 degrees and 3 hours at 350 degrees.  Oh, I roast mine breast-down.  Not as pretty, but really, really juicy.

Alton Brown's Roast Turkey recipe

We have turkey at Hanukkah too, so if I remember to take a photo, I'll add it then.   For now, happy holidays!

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